Rob's Story

Rob Sedorcek

As one of the top golf teachers in the Mid-West, Rob
is very passionate about the game. Wanting to give
back to the game that has been so good for him
throughout his lifetime.

Rob's Training Philosophy

Sedorcek Swing Solutions, is not just about teaching the golf swing but all aspects of the game. Rob teaches the fundamentals of the game as it applies to each person’s ability, talent and limitations. His most success has come with taking young students to highly competitive golfers.

While Rob’s students have played in the Masters, U.S. Open, Tour, Latin Tour, Asian Tour, McKenzie Tour and participated in the National Drive, Chip and Putt. Rob teaches to all levels, ages and abilities. Rob has been honored by Golf Digest, US Kids Golf, Gateway PGA Section for being the Best in his field. His playing resume is just as impressive which includes Senior PGA Championship, Nike and Hogan Tours.

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Individual Session

  • 50-Minute     $100 / Junior $50
  • 30-Minute     $60 / Junior $30
  • 5 Pack of Lessons     $425 / $215 Junior
  • 10 Pack of Lesson     $799 / $425 Junior

8 Month Program

Designed to Cut your Handicap in Half.
  • Weekly Semi-Private Practice Sessions.
  • One 50-minute Private Session per month.
  • Putting
  • Short Game
  • Half Wedges
  • Bunkers
  • Develop and Consistent Swing.
$3499 per person / $1999 per junior

4 Month Program

Nine Steps to a Better Golf Game
  • Weekly Semi-Private Practice Sessions.
  • One 50-minute Private Session per month.
  • Develop a consistent golf swing.
  • Learn fundamentals of; putting, chipping, bunkers, pitching, and full swing.
$1399 per person / $999 per junior

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