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We Are Almost There!!
New Clubhouse and Indoor Training Facility to Open Soon.

While golfers continue to enjoy our double-decker driving range and par 3 golf course, our state-of-the-art indoor training facility, performance center and indoor lounge, The Back Nine, will be opening soon.  Look for Grand Opening Week specials and promotions and be one of the first golfers to try our new Trackman golf simulators!
And remember, play your best.

Temporary Trailer 11.25.19

Adam with first strike 1.6.20

Start of Demolition 1.6.20

Demolition continues 1.7.20

Prepping for foundation 2.9.20

First Wall Up 4.8.20

View from Above 4.17.20

Masonry 5.1.20

Masonry Work 5.6.20

Masonry Work 5.6.20

Interior Steel Work 5.22.20

Interior Steel Work 5.22.20

Floors (Lower Level) 6.11.20

Floors (Lower Level) 6.11.20

Main Entrance 7.10.20

Indoor Training Room 7.10.20

Restaurant Windows 7.10.20

Restaurant Exit 7.10.20

New Steps to Double Decker 8.7.20

Stairs to Fitness Center 8.7.20

Restaurant Windows 8.7.20

Fitness Center 8.7.20

Simulator Rooms 8.7.20

Golf Shop 8.7.20

View from Fitness Center 8.16.20

Parking Lot Work 8.18.20

TrackMan Simulator Bay Install 9.2.20

TrackMan Flex Cage Install 9.2.20

TrackMan Simulator Training 9.3.20

TrackMan Virtual Golf 9.3.20

New Sign Install 9.11.20

New Clubhouse at Night 9.16.20

New Dispenser Install 9.29.20

Indoor Green Install 9.29.20

Indoor Practice Green 10.19.20

Indoor Practice Green 10.19.20