Craig Story

Craig Story G.S.E.B. 

Ranked among the top 10 teaching professionals                                          by Golf Digest! Craig Has Worked with top 100                                        instructors such as: Mac O'Grady, Ben Doyle, Lynn Blake,                            
Bradley Hughes & John Erickson!                                                              

17 Years teaching experience
Authorized Instructor of
            The Golfing Machine

Craig Story Training Philosophy

2017-2018 Craig Story Winter Golf Camp

I believe that there are many ways to swing the club but you must have certain fundamentals to produce consistency. Having a good impact position with a FLAT LEFT WRIST, CLUB HEAD LAG and the correct plane is what I believe is the best way to produce a swing that will repeat time after time.

To schedule a lesson with Craig please call (636)861-2500 or email

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