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At Family Golf and Learning Center we offer custom clubfitting to help golfers play their best golf. 
To play at one's fullest potential, two things are necessary: proper technique and correct equipment.
Club fitting is one of the most influential parts to a golfer progressing toward better scores and consistency. 

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Driver - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of one driver

Woods - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of fairway woods

Irons - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of a new set of irons

Wedges - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes wedge fitting for loft, bounce, and grind

Putter - $60 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of one brand or evaluation of current model with adjustments included 

Distance Reviews - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes loft and lie adjustment for irons (where applicable)

Loft & Lie Review - $60 (1 hour)
•Adjustments included to current set

Brand Breakdown - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes comparison of up to 3 brands (Eligible for 1/2 off Iron fitting with purchase)

Quick Fit (Adjustable Woods or Hybrids) - $50 (30 minutes)
•Includes fitting of current woods or hybrids to proper settings

Ball Fittings - COMING SOON

*Times are approximate
To schedule a fitting, call (636) 861-2500 or email


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