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At Family Golf and Learning Center we offer custom clubfitting to help golfers play their best golf. 
To play at one's fullest potential, two things are necessary: proper technique and correct equipment.
Club fitting is one of the most influential parts to a golfer progressing toward better scores and consistency. 

Bryan Easton

Assistant Golf Professional / Club Fitter

Bryan's Background

I started playing golf at a young age and quickly fell in love with the game. My first job in the golf industry was at a local golf retailer, where my passion for playing golf evolved into a passion for helping other golfers. I decided I wanted to make a career out of golf and enrolled at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando, FL, where I received certification in teaching, club fitting and club repair. I also played collegiate golf at Fontbonne University in Clayton, MO, while pursuing a degree in accounting. With club fitting, I am always learning new technology and the physics of the golf swing and equipment. Just like in teaching, my goal with every fitting I do is to allow the golfer to better understand why the golf ball does what it does, as well as put the right club in their hand that will allow them to shoot  lower scores and most importantly have more fun. 
- Certifications through Golf Academy of America
- Four-Year Division III Collegiate Golf, Two Years of Coaching
- Various Manufacturer Club Fitting/Equipment Training & Certification
- Pursuing PGA of America Class A Membership

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Driver - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of one driver

Woods - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of fairway woods

Irons - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of a new set of irons

Wedges - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes wedge fitting for loft, bounce, and grind

Putter - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes fitting of one brand or evaluation of current model with adjustments included 

Full Bag Fitting - $200 (2 Hours)
Combination of any of the single club services

Distance Reviews - $100 (1 hour)
•Includes loft and lie adjustment for irons (where applicable)


*Times are approximate
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