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Family Golf and Learning Center provides golf lessons for players of all ages and abilities. 
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Adam Betz, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis

Adam Betz, PGA
Owner/Teaching Professional

Adam's Training Philosophy

I teach the game to golfers on every level from the beginning golfer to the skilled tour player. I believe success in the game of golf can always be linked back to the fundamentals. My biggest strength as an instructor is giving the student an understanding of "what" needs to change for improvement while connecting "how" the student will feel that change to accomplish his or her goals. Once a student can transfer that understanding to an individual feeling, the student is bound to improve. I enjoy teaching all aspects of the game from putting and short game to the full swing and the mental approach. From my experiences learning from top instructors and playing professionally at a high level, I can help students reach their all of their golfing goals.


  • Class A PGA Professional
  • Golf Instructor since 2007
  • 3 - Time Gateway PGA Players Champion
  • 2014 Gateway PGA Section Champion
  • 2016 Gateway PGA Assistant Player of the Year
  • 12 Professional Wins
Individual Lesson Rates  
30 min (Junior Only) $60
45 min  $100

*Payment is required upfront for all lesson packages

To schedule a lesson with Adam, call (636) 861-2500.

RJ Villafuerte, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis

RJ Villafuerte, PGA
General Manager/Teaching Professional

RJ's Training Philosophy

I teach players of all abilities including juniors, ladies and single-digit handicaps. I focus on the fundamentals of proper setup – grip, alignment, stance and posture. I believe your setup affects both your swing and ball flight. I reinforce the positive aspects of each student’s swing which promotes a better learning experience and enjoyment of the game of golf.


  • Class A PGA Professional
  • Teacher of the game since 2004
  • 5 years in Elementary Education
  • 2016 Gateway PGA Assistant Professional of the Year
  • PGA HOPE Certified Instructor 
Individual Lesson Rates  
30 min $60
1 hr $100
1-hr Playing Lesson $100
Lesson Package Buy 5, Get 1 FREE
Junior Lesson Rates (12 and under)  
30 min $50
45 min $75
1 hr $90

*Payment is required upfront for all lesson packages

To schedule a lesson with RJ, call (636) 861-2500 or email him at

Bob Gaus, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis

Bob Gaus, PGA
Teaching Professional

Bob's Training Philosophy

I work with students of all body types, swing types & playing levels, from the beginner golfer to the tour player. My ability to pick out your bad habits and help you correct those habits without changing your swing philosophy is what I consider to be my best asset as an instructor and coach. I have worked with some of the best golf teachers and mentors in the U.S., which in turn helps me keep my teaching techniques fresh and current.


  • Class A PGA Professional
  • Teacher of the game since 2000
  • Played in 9 Major Championships
  • 11-Time winner Gateway PGA Player of the Year
  • Played full time on the Tour ('99 – '01)
  • Winner of multiple North Florida and Gateway PGA Section events
Individual Lesson Rates  
40 min $60
Lesson Package - Four 40-min Lessons $220
Playing Lesson - 9 Holes $100
Junior Lesson Rates (12 and under)  
30 minutes $40
High School and College Student Lesson Rates (13 y/o -College)  
30 minutes  $50
Lesson Package - Three 30-Min Lessons $125

*Payment is required upfront for all lesson packages

To schedule a lesson with Bob, call (636) 861-2500 or (314) 402-6016.

Rob Sedorcek, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis

Rob Sedorcek, PGA
Director of Instruction

Rob's Training Philosophy

Sedorcek Swing Solutions, is not just about teaching the golf swing but all aspects of the game. Rob teaches the fundamentals of the game as it applies to each person’s ability, talent and limitations. His most success has come with taking young students to highly competitive golfers.

While Rob’s students have played in the Masters, U.S. Open, Tour, Latin Tour, Asian Tour, McKenzie Tour and participated in the National Drive, Chip and Putt. Rob teaches to all levels, ages and abilities. Rob has been honored by Golf Digest, US Kids Golf, Gateway PGA Section for being the Best in his field. His playing resume is just as impressive which includes Senior PGA Championship, Nike and Hogan Tours.



As one of the top golf teachers in the Midwest, Rob is very passionate about the game. Wanting to give back to the game that has been so good for him throughout his lifetime.

Individual Lesson Rates  
45 min $125 /person
$85 /junior (Ages 18 + under)
3 hour Super Lesson $325 /person
$225 /junior (Ages 18 + under)
5-Pack of Lessons $525 /person
10-Pack of Lessons $1050 /adult
$725 /junior (Ages 18 + under)
Lesson Programs    
Game Plan
Designed to Cut your Handicap in Half
  • Initial Lesson (3Hrs) Game Analysis
  • Trackman Assessment
  • Putting Assessment
  • Consultation
  • Tracckman Combine Score
  • Set a Game Plan to address the students needs and schedule 4 follow up lessons
  • Add a TPI Assessment and workout program $300 (by Melissa Amlong, TPI Certified)
(Value $900)

*Payment is required upfront for all lesson packages


For more info, visit
To schedule a lesson with Rob, call (314) 560-1446 or email him at


Sabrina Tate, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis

JR Remspecher, PGA, MBA
Teaching Professional

JR's Training Philosophy

Everyone wants to play their best golf, no matter if you are an accomplished tournament player, a weekend warrior, or someone who is just beginning to experience the wonders and challenges of the game.  Instruction is an important aspect to develop ourselves as golfers to enjoy what I consider America’s true pastime (when was the last time you played baseball?). My job as a PGA Teaching professional is to help my students reach their goals.  Goals can be sometimes be simple and short-term while others like to aspire further into the future requiring a more detailed plan.  Regardless of which of these categories your golf goals fall into I can help you to improve and enjoy golf even more.  

Since becoming a member of the PGA in 2009, I have developed a teaching style that concentrates on students understanding the feel of proper impact with the golf ball.  The feel is memorable and concrete even though it only lasts a millisecond.  Some players may feel this once in a round of golf others may string together a streak of flush shots throughout their round, my job as an instructor is to get to an understanding of how to match our processes with our patterns.  Ownership and understanding of our swing are accomplished through instruction in two realms: 
1.    Pre-Swing 
a.    What we do before the shot, i.e.:

i.    Posture
ii.    Grip
iii.    Alignment

2.    In-swing
a.    What we feel in the swing to improve impact and the end result, i.e.:

i.    Balance and dynamic motion
ii.    Club Face Direction
iii.    Club Path Direction

Every student will review video analysis of their swing to assist in the learning process.  This video will also be accompanied with Lesson Notes that detail the skills we are working on in the Pre-Swing and In-swing processes.  The Lesson Notes are key to help the student truly engage in their own learning process when practicing and playing between lessons.

No matter the age or skill level I have found that all golfers are capable of working on at least 1 Pre-Swing skill and 1 In-Swing skill.  If we trust this process our results will improve! 
1.    Establish GOALS
2.    Engage in INSTRUCTION
3.    Define and Trust the PROCESS
4.    Total Acceptance of RESULTS

Any student committed to these easy steps will improve and enjoy the game MORE! 
I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals! 


  • Elected to PGA Membership in 2009
  • Taught Over 10,000 Lessons
  • Fit 1,000s of Golf Clubs for TaylorMade Golf and other OEMs
  • Worked at Multiple USA Top 100 Courses
  • Loves Golf Travel and Course Architecture


Individual Lesson Rates

1 hour (Adult)            $110
45 min (Junior)         $75
1-hour TrackMan        $130
30-min TrackMan Putting    $65


Lesson Packages

Ten 1-hour (Adult)        $850
Five 1-hour (Adult)        $450
Ten 45-min (Junior)        $640
Five 45-min (Junior)        $350 


Semi-Private Group
1 hour (Adult) – 2-5 Students        Variable
1 hour (Junior) – 2-5 Students    Variable

To schedule a lesson with JR, call (314) 605-7653 or email him at

Sabrina Tate, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis

Sabrina Tate, LPGA
Teaching Professional

Sabrina's Training Philosophy

To provide a fun, non-intimidating platform for corporations to use in order to build rapport among employees, and/or their clients. Business is golf and each person will learn professionalism on and around the course that will have ever-lasting benefits. Corporate Crew golf clinics will provide a wonderful learning experience and a much better understanding of the game.

Business to Business golf clinics and mixers are also available.


  • LPGA Teaching Professional
  • LPGA Class A Member since 2008
  • Teacher of the game since 1995
  • Player of the game since 1990
  • LPGA T&CP Tournament Competitor
  • Specializes in Corporate Golf Clinics 


Individual Lesson Fees

One Hour - $115

45 Min - $95

30 Min - $65



Lesson Pack

10 Hours - $1100




Basic Custom Adult Clinic Fees
$175 per person for five week clinic (minimum 6 participants)
$165 per person for four week clinic (minimum 6 participants)

Build Your Own Clinic – Call for Pricing

For more info, visit
To schedule a lesson with Sabrina, call (314)704-0551 or email her at


RJ Villafuerte, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis
Blake Sharamitaro, PGA
Director of Golf/Teaching Professional

Blake's Training Philosophy

I have instructed golfers of all ages with various ability levels since 2008. My clients include beginner golfers, top junior golfers, college level and NCAA athletes, accomplished amateurs and professional players alike. My teaching philosophy revolves around each individual golfer's body type and how we can improve that particular person's impact position. My biggest strength as an instructor is my ability to teach players the cause and effect aspects of their game. I want all of my players to know exactly why their ball goes where it does, and the process they can follow to alleviate their issues. Lessons can cover all aspects of the game including; putting, short game, full swing, mental game, and course management. Whether your goals are to just have fun with the game or to become a tournament player, I can tailor a lesson program to fit your needs. 


  • Class A PGA Member since 2009
  • PGA Certified in Player Development
  • 2015 Colorado PGA Stroke Play Champion
  • Twelve Professional Tournament Wins
  • PGA HOPE Certified Instructor
Individual Lesson Rates: BOOK A LESSON WITH BLAKE  
30 Minute  
1 Lesson: $65
5 Lessons: $300
10 Lessons: $550
60 Minute  
1 Lesson: $120
5 Lessons: $525
10 Lessons: $1000
Trackman Swing Evaluation (60 Minutes) $140
9-Hole Playing Lesson $120

*Unlimited lesson packages available. Contact Blake for information and pricing. 
Junior Lesson Rates (12 and Under)  
30 Minutes $50
60 Minutes $85
9-Hole Playing Lesson  $100


*Additional students can be added to each lesson or package for 50% of the designated price.
*All lesson packages must be paid in full up front in order to receive the package pricing.
*All lesson packages are closed out at the end of the calendar year in which they were purchased. 

Click HERE to schedule a lesson with Blake, call (636) 861-2500 or email him at

Melissa Amlong, teaching professional at Family Golf & Learning Center in St. Louis
Melissa Amlong
Assistant Golf Professional/TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

Book a Lesson with Melissa

Melissa’s Training Philosophy

Through my TPI training, I have learned there is no one way to swing a golf club. In understanding an individual's physical abilities and limitations, I can help them to develop an efficient golf swing. I enjoy working with women and junior golfers. I believe by learning the basics and fundamentals of golf, one can have success and love the game. Keeping golf fun keeps golfers coming back for more.


  • Titleist Performance Institute Certified
  • U.S. Kids Golf Certified
  • Positive Coaching Alliance Coach
Individual Lesson Rates  
30 Minutes $50
1 Hour $90
Junior Lesson Rates (12 and Under)  
30 Minutes $40
1 Hour $80

*Additional students can be added to each lesson or package for 50% of the designated price.

To schedule a lesson with Melissa call (636) 861-2500 or email her at

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